Resonate drives success for leading brand, political, and issue advertisers by going beyond demographics and bringing the motivations of individual people into the marketing mix. 

"Resonate was the clear leader in the results for the campaign, in terms of effectively driving initial site interest/visitation and additional qualified audience metrics. Resonate broke the scale on our bar chart and we had to modify it just to make the others viewable." 


- Managing Director, Top 5 Media Agency

The Resonate platform translates deep insights about people's values, preferences, and beliefs into more relevant marketing and advertising.


It is the ONLY solution for motivations-based targeting across display, mobile, video, and social.

By marrying behavioral data, primary research surveys, machine learning, and big data, Resonate breaks down the silos that prevent a deeper understanding of your audience.


87% of Resonate clients report better performance than the other vendors.

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